About Us


HIGHLY FOCUSED   We are a professional boutique firm specializing in the NYC luxury real estate market.  We cater to a sophisticated clientele that appreciate the service and network we provide.  By limiting our clients to a select few at given time, we are able to focus on providing the highest level of service.

TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN   In this ever-evolving new age of information, technology has leveled the playing field for smaller boutique firms to be able to compete.  The speed and breadth of available information in the real estate market allows us to distribute our client’s listings and have access to all current listings for maximum exposure.

ANALYTICAL APPROACH   We appreciate a good party or gimmick as much as the next broker, but we do not make that the core of our approach.  Rather we focus on the data and current market conditions to help drive the best deal possible.  We do the best we can to eliminate the emotion from this significant financial decision making process.

NEGOTIATED PRICING   As a boutique, partner owned firm, we are not beholden to any sales goals or firm pricing policy.  We believe that YOU should profit from any increase in the value of your home.  Therefore, we are open to discussing a flexible pricing structure that is comfortable to you and fair to us for our time and efforts.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS   As strong proponents of helping the local community, we donate 5% of our commission to the charity of our client’s choice.